Here we are in the last week in May with four weeks left before the start of the 2019 Great Race.  A lot has been happening both with the car and with preparations for the race. I have been so busy working on the car every night after work, I haven’t had the time or energy to post a blog update.  So there is a LOT to catch up on.

Such great Craftsmanship.


We received the new wheels back from Stutzman Wheels and WOW!  Do they look incredible. The workmanship and time involved in creating these is incomprehensible.  They look so good that Dennis can not bring himself to cover them with black paint, so they were epoxy sealed, and then varnished with a clear finish to show off the wood.  They will PROBABLY go back to black paint at some point but, for now they look amazing! AND they are straight as an arrow, unlike before.

Tires, with new tubes and flaps (tube liners) were installed so all of the wheel and tire set up is BRAND NEW.


The radiator was sent out to Tom’s Radiator & A/C Service in Orange, Ca. and they did an awesome job repairing the 1911 radiator. (yes it has been replaced once)  Tom guarantees that it will make it to Tacoma Washington and we are sure he is right. The trip through the desert in June will be the ultimate test. The brass was then polished and our Great Race assigned number 5 was painted on the radiator and then reinstalled.


Much of the work was centered on the suspension for the Racer.  It was VERY loose. 110 years of use and abuse has not been kind to the pivot points and mounting locations.  We were able to find bushings that fit in the springs and mounting hardware without too much metal loss, and were able to get rid of much of the “slop” in the suspension.  The springs were then stripped, greased and re-wrapped to bring it all up to snuff.

I finally managed to get through all of the Hartford shocks and clean and repair them.  I found a source both here in the USA and in England to replace some of the parts that were broken or missing, and cleaned up what we had, to make them look, and work like new.  It will be interesting to see what the difference is, having shocks that work the way they should.

Red Wing Sponsorship

Red Wing has turned out to be a Great fit for the Holland Racing team.  They have stepped up to not only supply Boots for the whole team, but also Jumpsuits, shirts, hats and swag to hand out at race stops.  They are embroidering the 09 Racer Logo on to the jumpsuits for us, and we will no doubt be the best dressed team in the paddock.

Whats Left?

Coming up on four weeks left, we still have A LOT of work to do.  The rear suspension and drive train still need to be reinstalled in the car.  Seats need to be reinstalled after being reupholstered, and then we need to get her on the road for LOTS of practice and miles before the start of the race on June 22nd.