Riverside will be the starting line for The Great Race and its vintage automobiles for first time

Riversiders may see the vehicles arrive in town a few days before the race begins on June 22.


As a child, Dennis Holland, Jr. watched his dad drive their family’s 1909 Buick race car across the country during the annual Great Race.

This year, which marks the antique car rally’s first start in Riverside, Holland will continue his dad’s legacy by taking the driver’s seat.

“A lot of people believe in putting it on a showroom floor, but these old machines deserve to be driven and seen by everybody,” said Holland, of Costa Mesa. “That’s the way he looked at things.”

The Hollands and their Buick will join more than 100 other antique and vintage cars from Japan, England, Australia, Canada and across the United States when the Great Race kicks off in downtown Riverside on Saturday, June 22. From there, they will head 2,300 miles north ending at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington, on Sunday, June 30.

Pre-War Vehicles Still Rule the Great Race!

March 1, 2019

Pre-war vehicles has always been the backbone of the Great Race. And in this case, the war we are talking about is World War I. The 2019 Great Race will take place more than 100 years after the end of the “War to End All Wars,” but there will be at least seven vehicles that date back to 1918 and earlier. One, in fact, was almost 10 years old when World War I ended. Dennis Holland Jr. and Dieter Kutz will be campaigning a 1909 Buick race car in the event this summer, and it has quite a racing history. Not only was it a real race car from the turn of the last century, it has a long Great Race history as well. In the late 1980s, Dennis Holland Sr. and his daughter Julie were fixtures on the event with their 1909 Buick. Now Dennis’ son and his friend Dieter will be bringing the car back to the Great Race from Riverside, California to Tacoma, Washington, but there are six other cars from 1918 and earlier in the event as well.

Great Race to motor through Victorville

VICTORVILLE — During this month’s annual Great Race, more than 100 antique and vintage cars from Australia, Canada, England, Japan and the U.S. will motor through the High Desert on their way north to the finish line.

After leaving Riverside on June 22, the drivers will take their vehicles up the hill and make a noon pit stop at the California Route 66 Museum in Victorville, where car enthusiasts and the public will be able to snap photos of the motorists and their classic vehicles.

The High Desert-based museum is one of 18 cities the drivers will visit in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington as they travel some 2,300 miles north toward the finish line on June 30 at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington.

Cars built in 1974 or earlier are allowed to participate. In past races, many of the vehicles were built before World War II.

Based on the 100 entries, the Grand Champion of the 2019 event will win $50,000, with the total race purse at $150,000.

After the Victorville stop, the drivers will make stops in Lancaster, Bishop, Gardnerville, Nevada, and back to California, to pause at Grass Valley, Oroville, Chico, Willits and Eureka.

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Motorheads head to Hazel Dell for ‘Great Race’


One hundred and fifty vintage cars will pass through Vancouver



Every year, 150 vintage cars 1974 and older “race” together on a course across North America. This year, “The Great Race” starts June 22 in Riverside, California, and ends June 30 at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma. This year is special for motorheads in the Portland Metro Area as The Great Race will make a pit stop in Hazel Dell at the Vancouver extension of the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM). 


The museum, not open to the public yet, will be opening its doors for the first time when the race passes though, making it a grand opening to remember. 


“I think this is going to be really cool for the community,” Trent Campbell, property manager for WAAAM West, said when asked about Wade’s museum. “I believe in what he is trying to do.”


Wade, an avid car collector and owner of the museum, recently received national attention as he was one of 1,350 to earn the chance to purchase a 2019 Ford GT with a price tag of $535,000 and one of only two in the Northwest. 

According to Campbell, Wade has donated the museum’s property to WAAAM and plans to eventually donate the entire collection of cars to WAAAM.

What is the Great Race? 

Starting in 1982, The Great Race is more of an endurance race for old, vintage cars instead of speed. Last year, a 1933 Ford Truck received overall first place after the race ended in Nova Scotia.  However, the race has many categories such as “Spirit of the event,” “best lunch city,” and “best show of classic car.”

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