It’s been a while since we have posted an update on the website. We have been SO busy getting the 09 Racer ready for the Great Race, we haven’t had time to show you our progress. Just a quick update today on where we are at and what is left to do.


To start the process the wheels were sent to Stutzman Wheel Shop in Ohio to be remade by Amish Craftsman. There are very few places left that recreate vintage wheels, and Stutzman is supposed to be the best. Wait time is 4-6 weeks, so in meantime we began tearing apart the rest of the suspension.


Next up was tearing down the suspension to look for wear and tear. After 110 years there is bound to be parts that are worn out or need some attention. With this in mind all of the springs and shocks were removed, and the front and rear axle were removed. The springs will be cleaned and rewrapped. And the axles will be inspected for any problems. We did find a couple areas that are just plain worn out from years of use and abuse. Mainly suspension pivot points. These will be addressed with sleeves or other methods to help “tighten up ” the suspension.


Its was decided that the Shocks needed to be looked at. I did some research and found that they are called Hartford Shocks, and actually work by having two disks inside that are made of WOOD!!, the friction disks determines how much shock damping you get. ( interesting note: I have read that Race cars of the time actually had the shocks CATCH FIRE, from so much friction!) There are two companies that remake the parts, one here in the US and one in England. Determining now which way to go to get these back into shape.

Time is Running out!

We are 12 weeks away from the start of the Great Race June 22nd in Riverside. So much to do! Parts to secure. The car to finish. PRACTICE! PRACTICE PRACTICE!! We are still looking for a SPONSOR, Sponsor letters get sent out every week, but so far no luck. Do you know someone who can sponsor our adventure? Contact us!

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