We found one sponsor for the race! Red Wing Shoes has donated clothing and shoes to the race team and crew. This is a great start but we have lots of costs to cover. But we are committed to the 2019 Great Race so the application was sent, and someones credit card balance got a little bigger. But we still want to find someone to help us cover the costs of the race, so we started getting the racer out to Car Shows and spreading the word.

2018 HCCA Holiday Motor Tour

First up was the Holiday Tour. This is an annual event put on by the HCCA of SoCal. It is a tour that winds are the streets of Pasadena the weekend between Christmas and New Years. A last minute decision was made to get new tires for the racer ( she was already apart in preparation for getting new wheels made) The car was finished the night before, and loaded on a trailer for the early morning trip.

She looks so different with Blackwalls!!

The tour was GREAT and the racer performed flawlessly, with the exception of a carburetor issue on a hill. (fore shadowing to issues later) We started a GoFundMe page to help raise some money and created signage to advertise.

Beautiful scenery along the Holiday Tour route.

Balboa Car Show

Next was a quick visit to a local haunt, the Balboa Car show. This show is every sunday morning on the Balboa Peninsula. A small show, but one that the racer comes to often. This time with a sign and hopes of finding a sponsor.


This is a local cars and coffee type event every saturday morning. The ride up the coast was INCREDIBLE and pretty darn cold. Great group of cars, including a 1913 Rolls Royce, and great people. What a great morning until… we got ready to leave and the fuel started gushing out of the carburetor (remember that issue in Pasadena??) We no tools and not time, we left for home, keeping the car running while regulating fuel with the shut off valve behind the passenger seat. It was an ADVENTURE! We made it home to find the culprit was the float in the carb had a crack! I think 110 years is pretty good longevity.

Dr. George Charity Car Show – Indian Wells

Last stop on the promotional tour was the Dr. George Charity Car Show, and what a show it is!! Over a 1000 cars are entered every year, and it is held at the Indian Wells Tennis center. Beautiful location on the lawn, with great weather and thousands of people. And every make model and color of car you can imagine. With some help from friends the 09 Racer was given a spot in the special interest area sharing the special area with Shelbys, Ferrari’s and a Pagani supercar.

What a beautiful venue for a car show.

We decided to attract attention by starting the racer up a few times suring the show, and man was it funny to watch the crowd around the supercar suddenly shift over to the priceless 1909 Buick racer.

The Racer draws a crowd where ever she goes!

The highlight of the day came when we were informed that we had won an award! The Racer had won a Sponsor award and would be driven across the stage to collect the trophy!

The Crystal Trophy is BEAUTIFUL!!

Then it was time to load up and go home. This will be the last show for the 09 Racer for a while, as she gets taken apart to prepare for the 2019 Great Race.

If you would like to help the donate to the 09 Racer Great Race contact us at 09buickracer@gmail.com or donate on our GoFundMe Page https://www.gofundme.com/dennis-holland-great-race-2019&rcid=r01-154999076344-ff632c3876334043&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w